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Fast. Simple. Transparent.

Navigate your mortgage journey with ease. At Three Bays Lending, we turn complexity into simplicity, uncertainty into transparency, and dreams into homes. Speed up your path to homeownership today. Welcome to a Better Mortgage Experience.

No impact on your credit score

No documents required

Takes 6 minutes

The need for a mortgage never goes away, and neither will your Three Bays Pro

You are unique and so are your options

Buy Your Dream Home

Put the money in your home to work

Buy a passive income asset

Eliminate monthly mortgage insurance

Pay off debt and save money faster

Full Transparency in Lending

We prioritize full transparency, believing that an informed borrower is an empowered one. Our commitment involves providing a clear understanding of the entire process, ensuring clients can make informed decisions, fostering trust and confidence in the lending relationship. Our dedication to transparency is a cornerstone of empowering individuals on their homeownership journey.

Average time from application to clear to close: 14 Days

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    We are licensed in: MN, WI, FL, CO, TX, and ND


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    We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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